Accurso Questioned About Connections with Rizzuto

In the latest day of the ongoing hearings of the famous Quebec construction magnate, Tony Accurso, at the Charbonneau Commission on Monday morning, he persistently defended himself against suspicions of attempting to instigate land rezoning in Terrebonne and making deals with the local underworld.

Accurso was bombarded with questions by prosecutor, Sonia LeBel, who brought up his discussions with the longtime reputed Montreal Mafia godfather, Vito Rizzuto. However, Accurso stressed that he had no deals with him. When LeBel inquired about Accurso and Rizzuto’s bids for a government contract to build the Acadie roundabout, he alleged to have had simply told Rizzuto that he had every intention to bid on and win the contract, regardless of the implication that Rizzuto would have liked Lino Zambito to do the job. Accurso mentioned to have told Rizzuto that “we’re bidding,” and “it’s the hardest job the Quebec Transportation Ministry ever did in Montreal. It’s our specialty. I like complicated jobs. We have the organization that can do it.”

Accurso alleged that Rizzuto and his son Nick often discussed hiring him for possible construction projects but no deals were ever struck due to several reasons like “will I be paid? Will there be work conflicts? Can those be resolved? There was too much that led me to lose interest. Every time I had a chance to work for Vito Rizzuto or his son Nick, we were too expensive, or the project wasn’t working, there was always a reason, quite diplomatically, to say that we can’t do that contract and we didn’t do it.”

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