Wildrose Says Redford’s Cancelled ‘Sky Palace’ Cost around $1-M

The Wildrose Opposition has mentioned in a press conference on Thursday that the actual cost of former premier Alison Redford’s cancelled “sky palace” penthouse suite in Edmonton is approximately $1 million. The party unveiled a freedom of information request that detailed expenses over $70 million in change orders issued for the $375-million Federal Building renovation between Nov. 2009 and April 2014.

According to the opposition party, almost $2 million was spent on changes to the 11th floor, out of which $760,432 was categorized under specific design work ordered by Redford’s office that cost $173,100. It was stressed that the party’s total estimate for known “sky palace” changes is $933,532.86. Wildrose MLA, Kerry Towle, stated that “the luxury upgrades to take the 11th floor from basic meeting space to the skypalace two-bedroom penthouse were ordered so the space would reflect the style of the Hay Adams Hotel in Wasington, DC, a five-star hotel where suites start at $1,200 a night.”

It was pointed out that the changes ordered show the government spent $43,000 for stone and porcelain wall and ceiling tiles, $97,385 for custom millwork, $25,851 for paint and vinyl wall coverings, and $45,000 for custom draperies. Furthermore, Towle alleged that the change order documents also show other “bizarre” expenses not related to the 11th floor. Once such was a $32,000 soap dispenser, about which Towle alleged that “not dispensers. A $32,000 soap dispenser,” adding that “we can’t be sure it was for the two-bedroom sky palace, but you have to wonder.”

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