U.K. Lib Dems target tax cuts and mental illness treatment before 2015 vote

Deputy PM and the Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg

Deputy PM and the Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg

British government’s coalition partners Liberal Democrats have tried to convince the voters to give the party another chance by revealing the tax cut plans and providing treatment to the people with mental health issues before general election 2015.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has admitted in his party’s final conference speech in Glasgow before May voting that the image of his party have been tainted by government under partnership with the Conservatives.

However, the Deputy Prime Minister has insisted: “We may no longer be untainted, as we were by the freedom of opposition. I may no longer be the fresh-faced outsider. But we will stand for a different kind of politics.”

While vowing not to repeat the “mistake” of his infamous U-turn on university tuition fees, Mr Clegg has said only his party can offer voters both economic competence and social fairness in next May’s poll, which they will fight on a platform of “opportunity for everyone”.

Lib Dem leader has revealed his party plans of raising the tax-exempt personal allowance to GBP11,000 (USD17,690) from April 2016 in case of being re-elected by the Britons.

Mr Clegg has promised during the Liberal Democrats’ 2014 autumn conference if the party will again come in power, the new tax cut plans would be included in the 2015 Autumn Statement. On implementation, the fresh reform will lead to a tax cut of GBP100 for 29 million working people. The initiative would be funded by a hike in capital gains tax (CGT) on wealthy taxpayers and new measures to tackle tax avoidance.

During his speech, Mr Clegg had cheekily thanked Labour leader Ed Miliband and the Chancellor George Osborne for helping to highlight the Lib Dem message with their own conference speeches – in which the opposition leader failed to mention the national deficit and the Chancellor promised tax cuts for the wealthy while slashing ᆪ3 billion from benefits for the poor.

Mr Clegg has highlighted the significance of priorities by saying: “The Conservatives may have copied our flagship policy but they would pay for it in a deeply unfair way – by hitting the poor. And the Conservatives want to cut taxes for the better off by nearly five times as much. The difference between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives is that we want to cut taxes for working people, paid for by the wealthiest; they want to cut taxes for the wealthiest, paid for by the working poor.”

The Lib Dem leader has also prioritises the importance of treating mental health problems as other physical diseases like cancer through assurance to make them treated within 18 weeks in England.

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