Outgoing Mississauga Mayor McCallion Applauds Crombie’s Platform

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion has apparently declared a favourite in the race to replace her. During a pro-Crombie event hosted by prominent leaders of the Chinese Community on Friday, McCallion applauded the traits of mayoral candidate Bonnie Crombie’s platform.

Although McCallion’s speech seemed like an endorsement, the Crombie campaign mentioned that “Hazel McCallion supports Bonnie Crombie’s platform.” Crombie’s campaign posted a video on Sunday, in which McCallion stated that “I have every confidence that when you review it, you will vote for Bonnie Crombie,” adding that “I think you know me well – I say it the way it is, not politically. I’m saying it because of my experience working with her. And so I leave it up to you.” Furthermore, McCallion could be heard saying that “I say to the young people: Bonnie is young and she’s ambitious, she works hard, she’s got some new ideas and I hope that those new ideas will come forward.”

Whereas on the other hand, Crombie’s chief rival Steve Mahoney mentioned in a statement that he respects the mayor’s decision. He mentioned that “there will be many more endorsements to come during the course of this campaign. I agree with Ms. Crombie when she says that this election will not be decided by any one member of city council, but by the voters.” Mahoney added that “this campaign is not the status quo. It is about the need for our next mayor to be an experienced leader with a plan to build an even stronger Mississauga, starting the day after election. Mississaugans understand that we cannot afford to put the future of our city into untested, inexperienced waters.”

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