Ford Backtracks on Plans for New Casino, Ferris Wheel in Toronto

Toronto councilor candidate, Doug Ford, has relaxed his plans announced almost a week ago about building a casino and installing a ferris wheel on Toronto’s waterfront if he is elected mayor. During a debate on Thursday, Mr. Ford said that they’re “not my highest priority” because “my highest priority is to make sure we build 32 kilometres of subways and make sure we get the land transfer tax to stimulate the real estate market.”

Mr. Ford reportedly visited its Toronto office this week and vowed to try to put a casino and a ferris wheel along Toronto’s waterfront. Mr. Ford mentioned this week that “I’m all for a casino,” because “we had casino folks from all over the world, the big ones that came here like Caesars, wanting to invest $4-billion, create 10,000 jobs. I’m not a gambler, but I’ve been to Las Vegas, I’ll throw a couple hundred bucks at the slots. We need more things to do, more attraction, for people to come.”

Whereas Ford’s rival mayoral candidate, Olivia Chow, has openly stated that she is against a casino in Toronto and the race’s front runner, John Tory, also stated that “I thought a casino and a ferris wheel were not a good idea when they first came up and I still think they’re not good ideas for the waterfront or for the downtown.” He alleged that there are places for such ventures “elsewhere.”

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