Air Canada Emergency Landing Throws Propeller through the Window

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The propeller of an Air Canada’s plane burst through its window and almost hit a passenger in the head, when it made an emergency landing in Edmonton due to an alleged burst tire. One of five Grande Prairie radio station employees on the flight last Thursday, Christina Kurylo, alleged to be extremely lucky to be alive.

Kurylo revealed that the propeller narrowly missed her head, explaining that “I’m really lucky. It could have been a million times worse.” She added that “I could have died, you know, you never know what could have happened.”  The propeller punctured the side of the aircraft when it knocked out part of the inside wall of the aircraft and sent fiberglass and pieces of wall flying at Kurylo’s head. She stated that “all of a sudden I got hit in the head. It was pretty confusing for me. It’s bits and pieces for me after that.” Consequently, Kurylo was shifted to an Edmonton hospital for treatment of bruises and scratches from the impact.

Kurylo’s colleague who was also aboard the flight, Melissa Menard, explained that “just from the blow of it happening she had quite a huge head lump and it was quite purple and lots of bruises and scratches.” Whereas on the other hand,  Edmonton airport spokesperson, Heather Hamilton, confessed that “the sort of least worst scenario is minor injuries like this, so we’re certainly very happy to be in a position that there are no worse injuries than that.”

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