ARSBC Sinks Old Warship to Make Artificial Reef off BC Coast

The HMCS Annapolissunk warship was sunk to the bottom of Howe Sound in high spirits on Saturday. According to the officials, the retired warship was sunk in Howe Sound north of Vancouver on Saturday in order to serve as an artificial reef for sea life and divers under the supervision of the Artificial Reef Society of BC (ARSBC). The project had been in the making for years before finally it finally concluded with a big bang on Saturday.

The Annapolis was first commissioned in December 1964 to be become last of the West Coast steam-powered, helicopter-carrying escorts. At the time, it was the most modern warship in Canada’s naval crew. Until 1989, the ship served in the East Coast before it was transferred to the West Coast. Thereafter, Annapolis was put into extended readiness on December 1996 and later turned over for disposal in 1998. Eventually, the Artificial Reef Society got hold of the ship through a successful bid and acquired possession on April 1, 2008. The organization moved the ship to Vancouver in June 2008 for reclamation and environmental cleanup, which also turned out to be the ships final voyage.

Annopolis has become the ninth artificial reef and the seventh warship they’ve taken on. Volunteer Director of ARSBC, Rick Wall, mentioned that “the effort required to prepare a warship is a lengthy and complicated evolution and requires a level of expertise not readily available.” He stated that “in fact, ARSBC is considered a pioneer in this highly specialized activity and has a worldwide reputation for excellence.”

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