Delacourt’s Theorem Will Hold

Susan Delacourt’s offers five steps to effectively dose any and all political fires. In the context of Cotler and “reprehensible” actions on the part of the Conservatives, I suspect Delacourt’s theorem will hold, once again nothing in the way of recourse or price to be paid, every week amounts to an almost fresh start, that’s just the way politics work now, and have for years. These Conservatives have mastered the art of damage control, their method is deliberate and consistent, and above all MASSIVELY successful.

It truly is remarkable that the Conservatives can be found to have acted in “reprehensible” fashion, and yet there will be NO sanction forthcoming. In the absence of new information, the Cotler story lacks the requisite “legs” to stay on the front burner, so whatever action is quite irrelevant in terms of real world impact. In fact, the precedent here reinforces the idea that political parties can say whatever they desire, with little fear of formidable blow back. As well, overriding this whole discussion, the cynical idea that all parties operate this way, it’s the natural order, hardly something to get all “uppity” about, par for the course. With each successive example of “reprehensible” behaviour, we cease to be surprised, outraged, reaction outside of partisan circles becomes a shrug, a passive disposition which only cultivates further indiscretions. 

We live in a world with no attention span, political parties have wisely incorporated that reality into their strategies. As well, a certain jaded mature mentality takes the view that we’ve “seen it all” so it is very hard to truly shock the conduit, as well as their audience. Any partisan outrage is relegated to just that, a almost hypocritical selective memory, issues tend to get lost in this relative haze, objective judgement haphazard and undependable.

Almost everyone does agree that the Conservatives behaved badly in relation to Cotler. But, perhaps the fact that “political” behaviour will result in little consequence is what’s really reprehensible, when you apply clarity to jaundiced eyes.

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