Does it matter what Consumer Reports says about Apple iPhone 4 in Canada and U.S.A

 After sitting out the Internet Web 2.0 explosion can the venerable Consumer Reports come out from hiding behind a paywall

Yesterday Consumer Reports (CU) gave it’s once dreaded “Not Recommended” rating to the popular Apple iPhone 4.  Does it matter or can Apple simply ignore CU as out-of-touch with the market?

CU has clout with the traditional media. Every paper I could find is carrying the story and Google gives it first page traction in the search engine.
Everyone knows Apple’s new iPhone 4 has reception problems. Apple is using it’s market leader position to kill the story with silence. The solution is said to be as simple as putting a case on the iPhone or duct tape on the aluminum frame.
For Apple fanboys, the CU negatives seem to matter very little. Apple is taking a “see-n0-evil, read-nothing-bad-about-us” position. It deleted references to CU on Apple forums. 
CU makes its money from the old model of subscriptions and has pay-walled the website. In the meantime, plenty of free sites with competent, trusted reviewers have gotten the public eye. Engadget, Tech Crunch, Wired are a few of the sites people look to for early leads on technology.
CU is mainly a source for aging baby boomers who used to be subscribers and the mainstream media who are late with the news on technology anyways.
It will be interesting to see if Apple flinches and responds to CU or continues to ignore the story. It’s certainly good news for Android phones which pick up attention every time Apple falters.
My guess is the iPhone 4 will continue it’s strong sales and CU’s bid for consumer attention will wane as they hide behind their paywall.

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