If no UN Security Council seat, then lets blame Ignatieff

I just watched a Global News piece, wherein the Conservatives apparently have ads (watched about 10 seconds) in the can, ready to blame Ignatieff and the Liberals, should we fail to secure a United Nations Security Council seat Tuesday. In a normal world, one would be surprised, with this bunch of take no responsbility weasel-like entities, par for the course.

The fact the Conservatives have slick ads at the ready, tells me they are worried about the reaction of Canadians. I’m sure the vast majority of Canadians have no idea about the United Nations seat, not something that normally resonates. However, the optics of Canada rebuked by the world, a huge departure from how we traditionally see ourselves, brings with it risk for the Conservatives.

I see these ads- or more rightly the thought process- as PROOF POSITIVE that the Conservatives realize their foreign policy, their needless hostility towards places like the UN, is starting to come back and bite them right in their self righteous, amateur hour ASS. Attacking the Liberals is confirmation, it says they are worried and need to blame someone else. A certain irony, that Harper’s big speech at the UN, which no one say, drew heavily on the legacy of the very party he hates so much. The "proud history" is something which Harper has managed to erode, showing no leadership on a host of files, more irritant than participant. 

These Conservatives have no time for the United Nations. Fair viewpoint, but a bit rich to hold that view, conduct yourself with full disdain, then beg at the last minute, because you’re worried how it will look. Stand by your principles Conservatives, hate the UN and be proud to be left out of the do nothing, debating society- what do you care? No, instead it’s somehow Ignatieff’s fault for playing "partisan" politics, undermining our bid for a seat. Yes, yes, it’s Ignatieff’s fault for stating the obvious, that our actions have put us in this precarious case, earlier "locks" are now scrambles to save face. There reason for the predicament is THIS government, their alienations, their polices, their inability to understand the most basic tenets of foreign policy, their ignorance and lack of sophistication.

It appears that Canada may just scrape by, and secure a seat. If that’s the case, we get our seat, maybe we never see these attack ads. However, the fact they actually exist is simply pathetic. Their existence is also a testament to just how worried this government is, how much they fear Canadians will wake from their slumber and realize the DAMAGE these two dimensional ideologues have done to our reputation in the world. 


  1. Bitter, narrow-minded, controlling, untrusworthy, promise breaker, not accountable and surely not transparent. Ideology driven. Canada Hater and USA Lover. Divisive, negative and filled with hate.

    Is this the type of leader we want?

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