CBC President Ain’t Talkin

CBC President Hubert Lacroix
My Hail Mary pass lands with a whimper

By Stephen Pate – Every once in awhile I get an idea to short circuit all this court business over my press pass, send the CBC a Hail Mary throw to negotiate an settlement. After 5 years Pate-Gate is a little long in the tooth.

It does not make sense for Canada’s public broadcaster with a $1 billion in taxpayers money to harass a 66-year-old journalist with a disability on Canada’s smallest Province. Right?

I mean they lost Hockey Night in Canada to Rogers plus the $330 million in advertising revenues. They are firing people in a massive downsizing. The only people watching CBC anymore are old farts like me, only I cut the cable and don’t watch them at all.

The question is: why are they spending $100,000 on Alan V. Parish Q.C. lawyer? Does this increase their audience, revenues or cut costs?

The lawyer, Hubert Lacroix who runs the CBC, he has bigger fish to fry than me I’m sure. I mean presiding over the death of the CBC, that’s a big problem.

Last week I sent Lacroix an email  (ht.lacroix@cbc.ca), with a copy for etiquette to his lawyer Alan V. Parish (aparish@burchells.ca).  Lawyers get upset if you try cutting them out of billable hours.

CBC President Lacroix ne parle pas – He ain’t talking

The response wasn’t great. If fact there was no response to my 4th try at settlement.

Alan V. Parish Q.C. sent me a slap on the wrist email saying “…please do not communicate directly to officers of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation with respect to this matter. Please channel all communications which you wish to make to the CBC with respect to this matter through me.”

At least it confirms Parish is working for the CBC in Pate Gate. And maybe the have President Lacroix under a gag order.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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