CBC Spends $3 Million Annually On Lawyers

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is a very litigious crown corporation

By Stephen Pate – The Harper Government got raked over the coals for spending half a billion in external legal contracts since 2006.

During the same period the CBC spent $21 million hiring external lawyers, making it the most profligate spender in the Canadian government.  That’s $3 million a year or about .2% of their annual $1.7 billion budget.

If the Harper government spent the same amount, his legal bill for 2013 would have been $440 million in one year.

The CBC received about $1.15-billion in government funding and made $331-million from advertising for the year ended March 31, 2013. Specialty services and other sources brought its total revenue and funding for the year to $1.8-billion (results for the most recent year are not yet available).

In the past 5 years CBC has spent over $100,000 trying to keep a disability discrimination case out of a PEI Human Rights hearing.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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