Stephen Harper butchers classic music tunes

I appreciate the former novelty. I admit, I enjoyed Harper’s "performance" the first time, partisanship aside it was nice, organic moment. However, last night’s full set of butchery, deserves some critical thought, rather than simply fawning over sub par musicality.

Oh, it was just a Christmas party, don’t poo poo… Trouble is, it’s never that simple with the PMO and last night amounts to a staged photo op, hoping the media would report and Harper would benefit. Period, anything else requires one to suffer from amnesia or denote no understanding of present realities in Harper’s Ottawa. Nothing is spontaneous, nothing "just" happens, nothing is benign, everything has an angle. 

With learned reality in mind, a couple observations. Harper sucks, he sucks real bad. I listened to some of the tape, and it was god awful, the worst wedding band imaginable, a cruel joke that assaulted your unsuspecting ears. This wasn’t a hidden talent on display, this was something no one should have to endure. I may never be able to listen to The Who again, but that’s another story…

First time, we revel in the surprise. When you go to the well again, with the sole purpose of improving your image, well then we should treat you like we would any other musical offering. Man, that’s some kind of special bad….

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  1. Harper says he is religious, well then keep this in mind, Jesus warned;

    Luke 6:24 “Woe to you who are rich, for you have already received your comfort.”

    Amos 6:1 “What sorrow awaits you who lounge in luxury, and you who feel safe in your high position”

    Luke 6:26 Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for that is how those in the past treated religious leaders that were liars.”

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