Ignatieff’s only working mantra Tim Hortons vs Bay Street

A new poll by Abacus offers a objectively devastating finding for the government position, reaffirming that the Liberals are on solid ground philosophically with their corporate taxcut position. When I came home from The Thinkers Conference, I called this corporate tax cut idea "Tim Hortons vs Bay Street", it was a wedge play and I fanced that we were on the right side of this policy divergence. 

The government has a serious problem on their hands, everywhere you turn with this poll, it’s nothing but bad:

The survey then asked Canadians if they support or oppose the government’s plan to continue with the corporate tax cuts. In total, 52% strongly or somewhat oppose the government’s plan, while 26% support or strongly support it.

Remember this is a pollster which gives the Conservatives high 30% support, the fact they can’t even muster a baseline here is alarming. Of note, the Conservatives lose big everywhere, even Alberta on this question, a large plurality on the side of the opposition.

On the question of the government argument that corporate tax cuts will create jobs:

“Only 21% of respondents buy the job creation argument when given the alternative to spend more on health care or to reduce the deficit.”

Here you see the frame the Liberals have made is in fact a TRAP. 57%, almost three times the respondents, side with the opposition view that corporate taxes are already low, investment is better made elsewhere. Honestly, rarely do you see such one sided viewpoints, pure gold from the opposition perspective- you can’t even argue that they divide one side of the pie, because the Conservatives enjoy so little support, it’s a liability no matter. Only 54% of Conservatives support their policy, a very precarious position indeed, particularly in the electoral heartland.16% of women support the government, 24% of Ontarians, 13% in Quebec, 23% in British Columbia, 12% of undecided voters, no wear for a fat cat lover to rest their weary heads, it’s just a bloodbath at every turn.

Here’s the added bonus- Canadians don’t even realize that our corporate taxes are more competitive than the Americans. These numbers come despite the fact we don’t appreciate where we stand relatively. Once that message is relayed in a campaign, one has to wonder if the facts only serve to harden these numbers.

I’ve argued before, the entire Liberal narrative starts with these corporate tax cuts, everything rolls off this "class" related divergence. The Liberals are on the side of average Canadians, the Conservatives will defend corporate Canada. If you are actually on the "street", you realize that fighting for families as opposed to banks, is a pretty good spot. Abacus confirms that perception, with game changer potential, make no mistake.

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