Outfest 2015: The Summer of Sangaile at DGA Theater 1 (Los Angeles, CA)

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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DGA Theater 1 (Los Angeles, CA)

"Outfest 2015: The Summer of Sangaile"

Winner of a prestigious directing award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, The Summer of Sangaile is ravishingly beautiful, doubly blessed with an intensely romantic plot and stunning photography. Directed by Alanté Kavaïté, the film plays out against the bright summer skies of Lithuania’s countryside as two restless youths — the quiet Sangaile and her polar-opposite love interest Auste — collide with cosmic force. Sangaile dreams of flying one of the stunt planes that speed through the clouds above her parents’ home, but her vertigo keeps her aspirations grounded. It’s only when Auste prods her that Sangaile forces herself to take (multiple) leaps of faith … Now Outfest Los Angeles’ LGBT Film Festival screens this cinematographic tour de force at the famed DGA Theater.

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