“Lucknow Central is a film that inspires and motivates the audience” – Farhan Akhtar

“Lucknow Central is a film that inspires and motivates the audience” – Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar has never done a character as rustic as the one in his new film Lucknow Central. “I have done a non-urban character in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. But this is on another level. Kishan, the character I play in Lucknow Central, is unspoilt and uncorrupted. Even though he’s in jail he spreads sunshine everywhere he goes. When the director Ranjit Tiwari came with the project what really appealed to me was the character’s zest for life and his positivity. And that zest and positivity are contagious. Kishan motivates his friends who come into his life. In that sense this is a film that inspires and motivates the audience. Given the world that we live in, we need more films that are positive in outlook,” says Farhan who also got to play a musician in the film.

“My character is in jail. But he has dreams that I once had. He wants to sing and he wants to form a band. It was easy for me to identify with this character.”

Farhan plays a fan of singer-actor-politician Manoj Tiwary in Lucknow Central. “I am an aspiring singer from Uttar Pradesh with a big partiality towards Manoj Tiwari. When he heard he was part of our plot he was very sweet about it. He even agreed to do a small cameo in the film.”

Farhan feels the pressure of having to connect repeatedly with the media over the film. “Initially it is somewhat interesting and even likeable. But then you find yourself saying the same things over and over again. Then it gets exhausting. However if the marketing team in all its wisdom has decided that we must promote the film extensively I’d prefer to go by their wisdom rather than impose my own opinion on how effectively marketing and promotion are.”

Farhan has just said yes to two new directors. “I am doing a film with Nishikant Kamat, who incidentally was my co-star in Daddy. We even had a scene to perform together. I’ve also said yes to a film directed by Mohit Suri. But it’s too early to talk about these. Nishikant’s film is the first action-comedy film that I’ve done. I mean I’ve done action and I’ve done comedy. But never the two together. Unless the action that I’ve done has turned into comedy, ha ha.”

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