Hrithik Roshan finally opens up on Kangana Ranaut controversy and reveals how it all started


The Hrithik Roshan – Kangana Ranaut controversy refuses to die down and is becoming murkier day by day. It all started last year when Hrithik Roshan sent a legal notice after being offended with Kangana’s ‘silly ex’ comment in an interview. Kangana in turn sent him another legal notice and thus began an ugly battle. It all had died down but it reignited when Kangana Ranaut appeared on the TV show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ and blasted Hrithik. She claimed she was the victim and that she actually dated him.

Last night, Hrithik Roshan’s interview with Arnab Goswami went live and Hrithik Roshan gave his version of the story which is as follows:

1. Hrithik Roshan made it clear at the very onset that he doesn’t consider himself a victim. He also added that there’s no grace by talking about this controversy. But he felt that ‘he has had enough’ and hence coming out with what he claimed is the truth

2. He went ahead chronologically and said that he met Kangana Ranaut for the first time in 2008 when his film Kites was to go on floors, which featured her in a supporting role. He admitted that he found her extremely professional since she came prepared. At that time, she was facing problems in talking in English. Hrithik revealed to her that even he has faced similar problems, due to his speech defect and according to him, his talks empowered her.

3. Kangana Ranaut had alleged that Hrithik Roshan persuaded her for 6 months for Krrish 3. Hrithik said that he never persuaded her and that his father had approached her. She had reservations about her role being cut and that she took only a week to gain trust and sign the film.

4. During the shoot of Krrish 3, Hrithik Roshan made it clear that there was nothing remotely romantic between him and Kangana Ranaut. She used to show him videos of her doing somersault and he used to generously compliment her. Hrithik Roshan wondered if she misconstrued that for something else. He also made it clear that she was very shy and that both of them never had a proper one to one conversation.

5. The last schedule of the film was in Jordan in October 2012. After the wrap up bash, Hrithik was very tired and was about to go to his room. According to him, this is when Kangana stopped him and asked for career advice. Hrithik suggested that he’ll talk to her next morning as he has no energy left. He retreated to his room and after some time he heard a loud knock on his door. He peeped from the keyhole and was shocked to see Kangana doing the knocking. Instead of opening the door, Hrithik informed his assistant Sushil who in turn told Kangana’s sister Rangoli, also present at the location, to take Kangana away. Hrithik probably thought that Kangana acted in this manner as she was drunk. At the airport next day, Rangoli apologized on behalf of Kangana and Hrithik clarified that it’s completely alright. He was ready to talk to Kangana about it but she never approached him. Hrithik said after this episode, he did felt a bit suspicious though.

6. When told to comment on the parties of Roshans that she attended, Hrithik reasoned that she was called for only those parties that took place during the shooting of Krrish 3.

7. Hrithik Roshan stated that he was relieved when Kangana Ranaut made the claim that he travelled to Paris in January 2014 and got engaged with her, because it was a lie that he could easily prove. This is because he didn’t travel anywhere in January 2014 and his passport is a testimony to that.

8. Hrithik Roshan met Kangana Ranaut on May 24, 2014 during Karan Johar’s birthday. That’s when he told her that he never sent her any e-mails and also told her about his correct email id. Kangana then walked off. On the morning of May 25, he realized that he got abusive messages in Hindi from her on his Blackberry phone. Later, he got a mail from Rangoli that accused him of hacking Kangana’s mail. Hrithik suggested that she meet him and clear the misunderstandings. But that never happened and the mails continued. In one of the mails, she wrote that he emotionally and psychologically raped her. That’s when Hrithik felt that he’s not going to respond to Kangana

9. On July 13, 2014, Hrithik Roshan started getting mails from Kangana Ranaut, now that she had his correct email id. He said that the mails were explicit to the senses, incoherent and some of them even had Kangana’s private pictures and videos. She was describing her day to day activities and it seemed like she was presuming that she was dating Hrithik. Hrithik at this point revealed that there have been instances in the past where people have sent him crazy mails and as per his experience, it was best to ignore them. He applied the same idea for Kangana as well. Also, he explained why he didn’t block her mails – he claimed that there’s no option in his mac email account to block a message. He however sent her messages in his spam account.

10. Hrithik Roshan explained that he could have gone to the police but that would have made the whole thing public which he wanted to avoid. But he did privately meet the then commissioner of Mumbai Police, Javed Ahmed, who advised him that in such cases, it’s wise not to react. He also met people from the Bollywood industry and asked them to help him connect with Kangana Ranaut’s family to let them know what’s going on. He even called Sajid Nadiadwala, who was working with the actress on Rangoon. Thanks to his help, Hrithik Roshan’s manager got an access to the sets but she refused to come out of the vanity van.

Revealed! Here’s the reason why Hrithik Roshan broke his silence and addressed the Kangana Ranaut issue

11. On December 11, 2014, an article appeared in DNA newspaper whose headline said, ‘Kangana Ranaut’s mystery man revealed’. Hrithik said that on this day, her mails began on a cheerful note but then turned abusive. One of her last mails said, “Tu pange mat le, warna zindagi bhar scar ho jayega”.

12. Till this time, Hrithik Roshan claimed that he didn’t realize the truth. He felt that Kangana Ranaut was extending the relationship that she had with the imposter before he gave her his correct email id.

13. One of the crucial evidences given by Kangana Ranaut’s team is the picture of Hrithik intimately holding Kangana. Hrithik for the first time revealed that in the said party, everyone was enacting poses from famous Hindi film posters. That’s the reason he posed with Kangana in such a manner.

14. After the mails stopped in December 2014, everything was fine for a few days. But in 2015, Hrithik Roshan said that he realized that his friends and well-wishers were given the impression that he was seeing Kangana Ranaut. For instance, Hrithik asked a filmmaker-friend why he didn’t call him for a trial of his film. To which the filmmaker replied that his girlfriend said that he is busy! When he was shooting for Mohenjo Daro, the producer’s wife (probably Sunita Gowariker) asked if he is indeed giving Kangana Ranaut a ring, as per what she heard.

15. In 2016, he realized enough is enough when she started speaking publicly about it. Hrithik also claimed that he’s been asked why he reacted so sharply to the ‘silly ex’ comment when she didn’t name anyone. Hrithik here revealed that in the question asked to her in the interview, she was asked to comment on reports that Hrithik ousted her from Aashiqui 3 and Kangana had replied that this is how some silly exes are. Hrithik revealed that he was home bound due to a leg injury and was feeling restless. Moreover, all the experiences he had gone through in the last two years made him angry and hence, he sent her a legal notice. Hrithik admitted that the move backfired.

16. Hrithik Roshan made it clear that he was simply informing Kangana’s folks through the legal notice that she herself claimed in the mails that she suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and that he never called her ‘mad’. However, it was misconstrued and Hrithik said that he got mails from all over the world that not only is he a silly ex but also a stupid person.

17. Hrithik Roshan then lodged another police complaint earlier this year with all the proof, in April 2017. However, he said that it was well thought out plan and was done in secrecy. The superstar revealed that he purposely chose that period as his film Kaabil had released and also Kangana’s Rangoon was out. Hence, this action of Hrithik would not have been seen as a publicity stunt.

18. Hrithik was asked if he saw the ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ episode of Kangana. Hrithik replied in the affirmative and revealed that he was amused to hear her version. But he was also scared that it was going to blow up again. He was also shocked that how can she lie so convincingly. He approached well-known psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty who said that it is possible.

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