Bigg Boss Marathi: Rajesh Shringarpore gets Eliminated, are Resham Tipnis’s days numbered too?

Bigg Boss Marathi is making a lot of headlines because it has cracked the perfect code of all successful reality shows for there is conflict, drama, love, betrayal and everything rolled in together in the first season of Bigg Boss Marathi. Recently, contestants Resham Tipnis and Rajesh Shringarpore created a lot of buzz with their love story inside the house. The already married Rajesh proclaimed his grand love in front of camera for Resham and this led to a lot of controversy inside and outside Bigg Boss’s house. But looks like both actors’ Marathi fans were extremely disappointed with their behaviour on camera. Yesterday, Rajesh got eliminated from the house thus proving that creating controversy does not always work in the house and however huge you’re popularity might be, audiences have a final word. One wrong move and you are OUT!

Bigg Boss Marathi: Rajesh Shringarpore gets ELIMINATED, are Resham Tipnis’s days numbered too?

While it was a bit of a shocker that Rajesh got eliminated from house, we suspect that Resham (if she does not get her act together) will be next in line. Harshada Khanvilkar, who was the wild entry in the house last week, LASHED out at Rajesh for cheating on his wife on the show and called Resham a home breaker. She said that the masses already have made their image about them and are not too pleased with their PDA in the house. She even told her close friend Resham that she has lost her ‘dignity’ by getting involved with a much married man in the house and flaunting it on cameras. While the two got very defensive about their relationship, they later tried some damage control by claiming that they are just ‘good friends’ and their relationship is platonic.

Bigg Boss Marathi: Rajesh Shringarpore gets ELIMINATED, are Resham Tipnis’s days numbered too?

Guess this charade did not work with the masses and therefore eliminated Rajesh from the show. Resham too was in the danger zone. It is clear that if she wants to stay in the game, she would have to change her strategy as pointed by Bigg Boss host Mahesh Manjrekar in the Weekend Cha Daav episode. Things might get difficult to survive in the house as her direct competition is Megha Dhade who have consistently maintained her ‘strong contestant’ image inside and outside the house. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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