Are small films going scot-free despite being dirty

Are small films going scot-free despite being dirty It was nothing less than shocking for audience as well as industry in general when the satellite screening of The Dirty Picture was halted since the film was deemed suitable mainly for adult audience. While the discussion and debates continue to surge, one gears up to catch a plethora of films, each of which has symbolic cuss words forming a major part of their very title. Now this is nothing less than shocking and also exposes the double standards being followed because the posters and publicity material of each of these films is out and it appears that no one is overtly bothered with the fact that kids are exposed to them.

"Look at the films which are being made and unabashedly boast of titles that aren't quite the kind you would want to mouth in a so-called family gathering", comments a filmmaker on condition of anonymity, "Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi, Apni Toh Lag Gayi and Love Kiya Aur Lag Gayi are some such films. Now isn't that dirty?"

Though one may argue that such phrases have become a part of the regular day-to-day lingo in mass as well as class centres, the fact also remains that even a story and presentation like The Dirty Picture wasn't considered a taboo. This resulted in not just the film turning out to be a massive commercial success (such number could have come in only if seen by 'family audiences', despite the 'A' certificate) but also winning National awards for itself.

"It is clear that demarcation happens when it comes to big films", a veteran PR expert, "To raise voice against big films means big publicity even for those who are objecting to the content. If you or I challenge the likes of Life Ki Toh…., Apni Toh…. or Love Kiya Aur…. then not many would actually bother and the controversy would die down even before emerging. On the other hand, to pick a film like The Dirty Picture or a major celebrity, there is good coverage guaranteed. It is sad but true."

On their part, none of the three films are down market films and actually boast of a decent cast. While Life Ki Toh…. features Pradhuman Singh (of Tere Bin Laden fame) along with Kay Kay Menon, Manu Rishi and Ranvir Shorey, Love Kiya Aur Lag Gayi has character artists like Pawan Malhotra and Saurabh Shukla as the known faces.

"You will see though that each of these films, despite their risqué titles, will go scot-free", he rues, "On the other hand, just like Hate Story and Bittoo Boss (both of which went through a few cuts), the makers of Kya Super Kool Hai Hum and Department can expect some objections due to crudity and violence respectively. This is the way it has always happened and would continue to be the case."

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