Heard this Dishkiyaoon was a 15 minutes film

Heard this Dishkiyaoon was a 15 minutes film Now this one really caught us by surprise. Believe it or not but Harman Baweja's comeback film Dishkiyaoon was actually conceptualized as a short film. Its duration was just meant to be 15 minutes and first time director Sanamjit Talwar, who had come from America to India so as to make a career in Bollywood, just wanted the short film to act as a show reel for him.

"Since Sanamjit didn't have any Bollywood backing, he realized that the best way to showcase his talent would be by making a short film and presenting it to the actors and producers. He came up with a 15 page script for Dishkiyaoon and happened to have a chance meeting with Harman at his father Harry Baweja's office," informs a source.

That was the time when Harman's What's Your Raashee? had released and the actor was looking for an appropriate film to resume his Hollywood innings. However, Sanamjit didn't intend to make a full length feature film at that time and just offered the short film to Harman.

"Of course his first reaction was – 'Are you kidding me'," says the 35 year old director in an animated tone, "Though in Hollywood you can approach actors for short films, Bollywood has its own system. Hence it was understandable when Harman gave me that look on being offered the part in the short film. Even though it was designed as that of a central protagonist, doing a short film was a no-no for him."

As a courtesy, Harman did ask Sanamjit to narrate the script though. As luck would have it, the actor was bowled over with what he heard and instantly suggested Sanamjit to come back with a script for a full length feature film on the same subject. Harman promised that if it would be as good as the 15 pages Sanamjit had written for the short film, he would be game for Dishkiyaoon.

He continues, "I already had the beginning and the end of the script; it was a matter of putting in more interesting characters, situations and conflicts. I worked on it for a week and once Harman gave a go ahead, he introduced me to Shilpa Shetty and Lullas of Eros," informs Sanamjit, "Soon enough, I could dream bigger. My idea of making a 15 minutes film had now graduated to a two hour long film. Guess it was all destined."

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