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Men Styling by the Numbers

Remember when you could tell the difference between your son’s and your daughter’s clothes when sorting them out for laundry? Yeah; it sure puzzles everybody. Back in the day we knew men’s wear by their decency and stereotypical designs.

Gender equality and feminism are quite popular these

5 Nail Polish Designs for Wedding Season

Every girl dreams of a perfect wedding as it is undoubtedly the most important event in their lives. You plane everything to be perfect from decoration, food, venue to the smallest thing, your jewelry, dress, makeup lmost everything from head to toe.

Not only the groom but every single person

Top Beauty Products for Girls 2015

Well most of the girls out there, no actually all the girls out there wonder and imagine how come the models and actors look so fancy and flawlessly beautiful. Believe it or not but you all want that glamour in your life and wish to become like that the very next morning when you wake

Here Come 9 New Ideas for Beauty Tips

We all want to look young, beautiful and stunning, not only on a particular event but on daily bases as well. Grooming yourself is on everyone’s wish list these days be it men or women, and we all like to get good beauty tips for our hair, nails, hands, feet, skin etc.

Facts about Make up Tips Everyone Thinks are True

Have you read an article, telling you about the amazing make up facts? And you tried them an FAILED! Off course they aren’t effective … how can they be effective? Make up is used for enhancing the beauty of an individual. It is the work of artists and is an artistic job. Not! Everyone can

Grow a Healthy Moustache

Men should never let go of their manly characteristics. The stubble and moustache are like a sign of being a man. A moustache on a man face is like a painting on a canvas. Men should consider the moustache to give them the manly look. Moustache is a man’s vanity. Grow them long and nice it

Know the Trend, Match your Style

Is it the time of the year when you have to walk down that aisle. The walk has to be comfortable and perfect. December maybe is the perfect time to get married because you can feel the warmth of hitching into a new relationship.

The perfect first walk towards your groom has to be in

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