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L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Pure Reds
I hope you all are doing well. I am back with a brand new post for you guys. I love red lipsticks even though red is not my favorite color. I have 7 red lipsticks and all of them are of different shades. The one I like most is Cinnamon spice by Wet ‘n’ Wild.
What These Hashtag Campaigns Have To Say About The

Forget picket signs; hashtags are how this generation sends a message. On the heels of Lane Bryant's massively successful #ImNoAngel campaign, some women have taken issue with it — something they see as an exclusive message dressed up as body

Korean Women Aren't Messing Around With Their Contouring

Whenever I have visitors from abroad, I warn them: “Don’t be shocked if anyone tells you that you have a small face. It is the lodestone of compliments in Korea, so own it.” To put it in perspective, having a small face is as enviable a quality as having legs for days or

I Tried Brow Extensions, & This Is What Happened

Before I walked into Wink Brow Bar, the full extent of my brow-maintenance routine consisted of a weekly vigorous pluck with my trusty Tweezerman. Having grown up a tomboy with a mother who never wore makeup, I never learned the art of eyebrow shaping (or most other beauty tricks, for that

How To Make Your Blush Work As Eyeshadow

Blush is kinda like your morning coffee fix. Similar to the way caffeine jolts your system and acts as an immediate mood-booster, blush instantly brightens your face. And, just like many couldn’t fathom the idea of foregoing their daily latte or double shot, there’s a

This New Collab Will Make You Look Forward To Rainy Days

As the classic saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers" — and this year the weather gods are relentlessly sticking to their guns. The silver lining to these upcoming weeks of ominous clouds (besides the promise of all those blooming flowers) is that

How To Pull Off Purple Eyeshadow Without Looking Ridiculous   Photo: Courtesy of Maggie Davis.

Now that it's April, we can consider ourselves fully immersed in pastel season. Right now, people are into having fun with their makeup again — there have been lots of great eye moments in editorials and on the runways. Personally, purple

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