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Best Products of 2015   With each passing year, we move forward with a bundle of bittersweet memories. 2015 has been the best so far as I managed to engage myself in so many mundane activities; I am a very private person, and I spend a lot of time in reading books that are written by British authors. I mainly focus
Nimule Organises Fashion Night And Beauty Contest   A fashion show and modeling event was held in Nimule, on Saturday to identify the best fashion model to represent the country in upcoming competitions in the region.  
Is This Basics Brand Set To Be The Next Everlane?
Photographed by Bek Andersen.  
Anyone who's ever had to get dressed in the morning (read: all of us) has reached that tipping point of sartorial frustration where they consider dropping every handbag, shoe, and more in favor of a daily uniform. Life would be
This Brand Now Makes Tights For Legitimately ALL Shapes & Skin Tones
 Photo: Courtesy of Nubian Skin.
Nude tights (and lingerie) are definitely not created equal — “nude” tends to be quite narrowly defined as a few fleshy shades that are on the paler side. Nubian Skin has been the pretty rare exception to the rule, creating
Your Manicure Color Is More Important Than You Think
Photographed by Dan McCoy.  
“You’re a little off-track because you’re not communing with the colors,” astrologer Rose Theodora told me last week as she recommended a manicure shade that I happen to hate. “Gray will keep you content
Review: The Body Shop Black Musk

    I am finally back with a new post for you all. I made a schedule and vowed to myself that I would post some fall appropriate posts, but I couldn't fulfil my promise as I was busy with my finals. Also,
My Unpopular Opinion About The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Photo: Adam Jeffery/ CNBC/ Getty Images.
If you were alive on the internet at any point yesterday, you heard about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It started in the morning — first sneak peeks, trends from past years, then predictions and follow-along guides

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