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Sunday, September 25, 2016 10:26 PM
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H&M Women Fall 2012 Lookbook


As you all know already, I am a major H&M fangirl. Well, imagine my excitement at today’sFall 2012 preview…and then multiply it by 1000, only then will you get my state of mind today while checking out fall arrivals. And though I still have to upload the photos I took today, I hope these lookbook images will tide you over until then.

I mean, there’s so much amazingness…that it almost makes me wish for fall. Actually, no…I take it back. It doesn’t make me wish for fall…it makes me wish that all of these pieces were available right NOW, so I could get my greedy paws on them. Like that bejeweled harness thingamajig, the leather peplum belt, every piece of jewelry in this lookbook, and so much more!





More photos after the jump!










Photo Credits: H&M

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