Live Like Zelda & F. Scott Fitzgerald By Staying In Their Home

For any fan of literature or the swinging Jazz Age, F. Scott Fitzgerald and wife Zelda Fitzgerald are the stuff of legend. Movies and television abound bring the pair’s antics to life, but now you can truly immerse yourself by booking a stay at their family home in Montgomery, Alabama. Travel + Leisure reports that the home opened to the public on Airbnb in April, meaning you can be one of the firsts to take advantage of the one of a kind experience. The breathtaking grounds where the couple wrote some of their most notable novels has two bedrooms and easily sleeps four guests, and is connected to the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum, making it the perfect getaway for a group of aspiring writers looking to draw inspiration.

If the home seems a little large for one trip, never fear! It has been broken up into four more manageable apartments on different floors of the house.

Photo: Courtesy of The Fitzgerald Museum.

A stay comes with tours of the attached Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum, which boasts exclusive transcripts, original paintings by Zelda, and personal belongings.

Photo: Courtesy of The Fitzgerald Museum.

A perfect spot to cozy up and start writing the next great American novel!

Photo: Courtesy of The Fitzgerald Museum.

The home is newly furnished to recall the Jazz Age, including a record player so you can swing dance like you’re at one of Gatsby’s parties! Are those the eyes of T.J. Eckleburg I spy?

Photo: Courtesy of The Fitzgerald Museum.

Pillows with Zelda Fitzgerald quotes are strewn about the house, a reminder of her lasting legacy. As F. Scott put it, “I married the heroine of my stories.”

Photo: Courtesy of The Fitzgerald Museum.

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