Apple iPhone 4, how to get one in Canada or U.S.A

 June 15th is the day to get yours on order – are you excited?

Apple iPhone 4
Forget the reviews, if you want an iPhone 4 you have to have it on June 24th, launch day.
Tomorrow is the first day to order. Since they won’t be cheaper anytime soon, why not just put yours on pre-order.
The easiest way to do that is go online with the Apple Store. The link won’t be live until tomorrow but don’t worry they’ll take your order. Try after midnight Eastern time to see if the link is up.
You can also pre-order the phones for a $50 deposit at Radio Shack and Best Buy. Wal-Mart is carrying the phone on June 24th but don’t have announced plans for pre-order program.  At AT&T you register to pre-order.

Oh Canada, we wait
Things in Canada are a little more laid back. Rogers wants you to sign up for notification. Bell Mobility wants you to register. Canada’s third carrier Telus aren’t saying any more than the iPhone 4 is coming.
Word is Canada will get the iPhone 4 sometime in July.

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