All The Best

EXPECTATIONS Masti. Masala. And some ‘dhamaal’. That’s exactly what one expects from the music of All The Best. Movies and music coming from the house of Rohit Shetty have a certain template feel to them. His films like Golmaal, Golmaal Returns and Sunday have been youthful entertainers with good music. This is what one looks forward to from All The Best as well which, as the title itself suggests, is a movie about celebration and letting your hair down. With composer Pritam and lyricist Kumaar at the helm of affairs, you know exactly what you are getting into.

MUSIC Drum beats mark the beginning of ‘Dil Kare’ that have the cry of All The Best creating the much required rhythm all throughout the song’s duration. A number that is set exactly in the manner of ‘Socha Hai’ [Rock On], whether lyrically, musically or thematically, ‘Dil Kare’ is a heavy duty rock track that is mounted on a really lavish scale. Suraj Jagan is a good choice for a number like this though one feels that K.K. at the helm of affairs would have further added zing to ‘Dil Kare’. Roopam Islam is there as a backup vocalist in the opening number of this album that gets into top gear from the very onset and also gives it a euphoric ending with a high voltage ‘remix version’. Expect the track to make it to the DJ’s list in a matter of few days from now.  Well, wait for K.K. is over with ‘Haan Main Jitni Martaba’ which does have a very strong rock beginning to it, especially with the heavy bass doing the trick. However, the moment K.K. comes behind the mike, the scene changes for better. ‘… Martaba’ turns out to be a love song set in a rock genre that has a sound good enough to make you root for it after the first listening itself. With newcomer Yashita being the female vocalist bringing the perfect sound for a rock rendition, ‘… Martaba’ turns out to be one of the best songs to have come out this year. Also, it boasts of the kind of lyrics that Kumaar has excelled in over the last few years that he has been active. He makes best use of the platform made available to him and spins a romantic tale that is given a ‘rock solid’ (pun intended) contemporary treatment by Pritam. A winner which also makes an impression in the ‘remix version’. One of the major reasons for the promos of All The Best to have made the kind of strong impression is the music that plays along with them. The beats of title song ‘All The Best’ are the ones that catch your attention in the promos and on listening to it’s full length version, you know that the funda of Rohit Shetty, Pritam and Kumaar was clear i.e. to create an instant impression amongst the youth by bringing in a funky sound aided by some full-on orchestra. Rana, now turning out to be a regular with Pritam, Soham (who recently created his own What’s Your Raashee) and Antara come together for ‘All The Best’ that goes perfectly well with the celebration theme of the film and should again boast of some wide spread choreography and eye catchy picturisation.  Mood of the album shifts again with Clinton Cerejo getting a rock solo for him in the form of ‘Kyon’. This time around the proceedings are really soft and slow with minimal musical instruments aiding Clinton’s rendition. Even though the song has a sad setting to it which is about changing times and drifting friends, ‘Kyon’ is yet another very good number after ‘…. Martaba’. Tailor-made for youth and boasting of the kind of sound that worked so very well for the music of Life In A…Metro, ‘Kyon’ is the kind of number that film maker of any biggie would be glad to place in his product. Over the years, Neeraj Sridhar has been heard singing in a particular style and sound for many a Pritam hits. In case of ‘You Are My Love’, he does bring in a definite change in both the departments. Also Pritam incorporates a certain child like innocence in the making of this song which is high on orchestra, is quite urban and contemporary and yet boasts of simplicity. An ensemble piece that also sees the coming together of Kunal Ganjawala, Rajesh, Alisha Chinoy and Megha, ‘You Are My Love’ is a celebration track about the coming together of friends in happy times.
OVERALL  One expected a decent time pass score for All The Best which would make an instant impression and ensure that audiences are entertained as they play on screen. For this purpose, Pritam does compose songs like ‘Dil Kare’, ‘All The Best’ and ‘You Are My Love’. However, there is a pleasant surprise in store with ‘… Martaba’ and ‘Kyon’ turning out to be two of the purest compositions by Pritam and Kumaar that bring in further quality to this album.
OUR PICK(S) ‘Martaba’, ‘Kyon’, ‘Dil Kare’

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