250 Sudanese Militia Join SPLA

Col. Philip Aguer Panyang Speaking to Gurtong, Col. Aguer said that the militias were sent by authorities in Khartoum to attack South Sudan’s Kadar oil field but officially decided to join the SPLA.

The militias were led by Maj. Gen. Duit Yiech and other high ranking officers with their full military equipments including 7 artillery machine guns mounted on vehicles with full ammunitions. 
“Despite President Omar Hassan al Bashir declaring war against the South Sudan, this is a blow to his government in Khartoum by losing such a big number of troops and weapons,” Panyang said.

According to the SPLA, since the escalation of fighting in Hegilig region, the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) has been advancing into South Sudan’s territory through air raids despite SPLA’s withdrawal from Heglig (Panthou) in conformity to the UN and AU calls.  
Recently, Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party (NCP) rejected a new map of the republic of South Sudan that includes Southern Kordofan (another disputed oil rich region) and claim that it remains a Sudanese territory.

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