Eastern Equatoria Forms Referendum Committee

Eastern Equatoria State Governor Brigadier General Louis Lobong Lojore has issued a Governor’s decree appointing a State Referendum Preparatory Committee.

“In exercise of powers vested upon me under Article 100 and sub-article 2, section (h) of the Interim Constitution of Eastern Equatoria State 2008; I, Brigadier General Louis Lobong Lojore do hereby issue Decree No. 7/2010 appointing a State Referendum Preparatory Committee”, read part of his decree dated 25 June, 2010 that appointed five persons.

The committee is headed by the State SPLM Deputy Chairperson Felix Okanyi Remijo with Joseph Kabaka being the Secretary.

Other members include Martin Lopir, Alamin Karar and Anisia Achieng.

“This is the right time for the committee to be set up ahead of the upcoming referendum as part of implementing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement”, said the Governor.

The committee chairperson Okanyi told the press that his committee will be charged with several responsibilities including ensuring the enlightenment of the people on the importance of registration and voting during the upcoming national exercise.

“Developing a strategic plan for pre-referendum period, the referendum period and post referendum period are combined as part of their tasks apart from mobilising referendum funds from every South Sudanese in the state, including other NGO partners in the state”, he said.

He also said the committee shall identify competent, committed and loyal Eastern Equatoria State citizens for appointment into the Referendum Commission and structures from the state to Boma levels.

“Apart from initiating campaigns and general civic education about the referendum across the state, the committee shall also identify and recommend registration and polling centers”, said Okanyi.

He added that his team will also undertake the education and training of high- ranking SPLM members in regard to media approach and campaigning in addition to establishing state effective media facilities.

The committee will also help international observers and civil societies to be accredited by the referendum commission to monitor registration, voting, and tabulation processes.

It will also coordinate with UN agencies such as UNMIS, UNDP and the European Union Commission among others to assist in technical and logistical support to the Referendum Commission.

“The committee shall also ensure early publications and display of voter registries in the registration centres by the Referendum Commission”, said Okanyi.

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