Unity State Vouch For Separation in Southern Sudan

The Unity State SPLM secretariat yesterday held referendum mobilisation campaign in the state capital Bentiu.

The rally meant to sensitise the state residents on the forthcoming referendum that also took place across the South Sudanese states was held at Naivasha Square under the theme: Yes for Separation and No for Unity.

The campaign was organised under the leadership of the acting Unity State Governor and Deputy SPLM State chairperson Samuel Lony Geny.

It was attended by key state officials including State Ministers, Advisors, Commissioners, Directors, the organised forces, women and the youth.

Geny told the crowd that he was confident South Sudanese will come out in their numbers to vote for separation during the plebiscite.

“There is no doubt that South Sudan will be a nation of its own and will soon be among the East African countries”, he said.

“Since Sudan is being referred to as a Muslim country including us the black Christians, who amongst us will vote for the unity of Sudan so that this country becomes a real Arab country?” he posed.

The SPLM official said that South Sudan has been under the Northern rule prior to and after the independence of Sudan yet there has been no change in the governance system and tangible development.

“Since the unity of Sudan has not been recognised for many years there is no belief that the process of making unity attractive for only three months is a welcome idea”, he said.

The Leer County Commissioner Taker Riak Dong said the referendum is the last chance for South Sudanese to vote for separation.

“By voting to have our own country, we shall attain development in a peaceful environment created by ourselves”, he said.

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