Adopt Electronic Financial Systems To Eradicate Graft: Spencer Kenyi

The direct handling of cash in South Sudan has immensely contributed to the rampant graft in both government and private sector.

A consultant with the World Bank in South Sudan Spencer Kenyi has told Gurtong that adoption of electronic financial systems would be the only way out of the vice.

Kenyi, who is also a consultant on private sector at the GoSS Ministry of Commerce and Trade, said that continued usage of cash will never bring funds embezzlement to an end.

“The usage of cash system creates dents in many economies worldwide. The usage of cash system tempts the carriers to direct the cash to personal immediate needs rather than using it for the right purpose”, said Kenyi.

He warned of an economic crisis in South Sudan if the usage of the cash system is not replaced with E-finance system.

He said that electronic financial system should be advocated for as part of the post-referendum financial policies, especially on wealth sharing negotiations.

Since its establishment, the Government of Southern Sudan has lost millions of Sudanese Pounds in its civil service following payments to unlisted workers, commonly known as ‘ghost workers’.

According to the GoSS Minister of Public Service Awut Deng Acuil, last month alone, her Ministry uncovered 10,000 ghost workers who had been earning salaries fraudulently from the public coffers.

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