Imminent South Sudan Secession Posses Challenge For Khartoum

With an overwhelming vote for secession of South Sudan, reality has begun sinking for North Sudanese.

The Muslim-dominated North is slowly coming to terms with the split of Africa’s largest state, with analysts predicting the eventual partition of the Sudan into four countries.

“Sudan will divide into four countries; North, South, East and West”, Samin, a resident of Algezira in the North told Gurtong.

She, however, agrees that secession is a choice of the South Sudanese, which they should be full granted.

Many Northerners have also supported Sudan President Omar Hassan al Bashir’s comments that he will accept the outcome of the referendum and accord South Sudan the necessary support.

“Of course we are not happy that South Sudan is breaking away but there is no way the separation of South Sudan can be stopped and for peace and security to prevail, the Southerners should be left to have their own country”, said another Northerner who did not wish to be named.

He added that already the Sudanese government lead by the National Congress Party (NCP) has shown the political will to grant the mineral-rich region its freedom.

Mohamed Abdalaziz in Blue Nile State’s capital Damazine told Gurtong that even in the North there are pro-separatists, including parties like the Popular Congress Party (PCP).

A journalist who also preferred anonymity said the secession of South Sudan is a wakeup call to the Khartoum government.

“What the Khartoum government should prepare for now is more clamour by other regions for independence as well as internal grumbling by other political parties who will want a share in the governance of the remaining parts of Sudan”, he said.

Already the PCP President and former veteran NCP member Hassan Al Turabi has been arrested for calling on President al Bashir to re-align his government into an inclusive government as the Comprehensive Peace Agreement comes to an end on July 9, 2011.

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