Oil Not The Only Cause Of Sudan Conflict, Says Analyst

The scramble over oil was not the main cause of the onset of conflict in the Sudan, a political analyst has said.

John Ashworth, a political analyst with over three decades experience in Sudanese politics told the annual assembly of the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek in the Lakes State capital Rumbek that the natural resource was discovered when the conflict was already going on.

He echoed the sentiments of the Catholic bishops who hold the opinion that the South has been fighting for 55 years for freedom and not for oil.

Ashworth expressed optimism that oil sharing will be easily agreed upon by the North and South Sudan, adding that several other outstanding issues will be given priority.

He said that both North and South Sudan will depend on each other for the viability of the commodity.

Ashworth said that analysts agree on identify as one of the root causes of conflict in the Sudan, where one group of people tried to assimilate the others to the extent of marginalisation.

“This made other groups in Sudan feel being treated as second class citizens”, said Ashworth who is also a consultant for the Catholic Bishops of Sudan.

He added that the concentration of power in one geographical location has also contributed to conflicts, saying rampant discrimination had led to underdevelopment of certain areas.

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