Father Fernando extradited to US over sexual abuse

The Court of Appeals (CA) on Wednesday allowed the extradition of ex-Filipino Priest Fernando Sayasaya to the United States of America to pursue the sexual abuse case.

The Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals Amy Lazaro-Javier announced that there is sufficient evidence against the accused and therefore “met the standard of probable cause”. According to the allegations, Priest Fernando was involved in “gross sexual imposition” on two teenagers several times during 1995 to 1998. This was the time Priest Fernando was undertaking his duties in the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in North Dakota.

The court approved the request put forward by the United States government for the extradition of the priest. The court announced, “It is in the interest of civilized communities that crimes should not go unpunished. On this score, we cannot allow our country to be a haven for fugitives, cowards, and weaklings, who, instead of facing the consequences of their actions, choose to run and hide.”

The court also said that the supporting documents submitted by accused were not satisfactory and authentic. Therefore, they have to approve the request forwarded by the US government.

Concluding remarks of the court said, “Appellant’s claim that the supporting documents were not properly authenticated cannot sustain the petition for extradition, is devoid of merit.”

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