Prosecution awaits resumption of Corona trial

The Chief Prosecutor of the trial of the former Chief Justice Renato Corona, Niel Tupas, spoke to the media on Wednesday and expressed that his team was counting days for the case to resume in the Supreme Court and cannot wait to hear what the counsel of defense has to present this time around.

The resumption of the impeachment trial of Justice Renato Corona is expected to come back in action on 7th May. Tupas also commented that his team is absolutely prepared and enthusiastic about the resumption “knowing that a verdict may be issued by the Senate on or before June 7”. Speaking about their stance on the case once it reopens, Tupas did not give much information but said that their method of taking the trial further will be completely dependent on what the defense council presents once the hearing session is resumed. Adding to his statement he also said, “If the defense will present a substantial witness. If they will present CJ [Chief Justice] Corona or Mrs. [Cristina] Corona, we are ready to conduct cross-examination”.

Different sources have informed that the house of prosecution for the case of Renato Corona are expected to meet sometime in the evening today to decide on quite a few matters. However, Tupas did not mention any such thing during his session with the press in the morning today.

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