DPM stresses on technological advancements for police

Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore Teo Chee Hean laid stress on the importance of technological advancements for the department of police in order to fight crime and stay ahead of it.

He said that with the increase in the number of criminal activities reported regarding ATM machines and credit card related fraud, the police have to have the latest technology to put an end to these. The issue was highlighted a couple of months back when countless unauthorized withdrawals were made from a number of bank accounts via ATMs, which added to a sum of $1 million and more.

Addressing the gathering of Singapore Police Force Workman on Thursday, Teo said, "To sustain this level of safety and security in Singapore, we need to plan and prepare ourselves to stay ahead of crime, build deeper partnerships with the community and sustain the trust of the community."

He also said that the department of police needs to keep on updating their methods and approach towards cases as criminals are using more and more techniques and are becoming technology experts. Therefore, it is important for the department to stay ahead of them and ensure that no such activities take place. He said technology has made it a lot easier for criminals to hide their identities and geographical locations. CID is working on implementing better technology to develop a Technology Crime Forensics Roadmap.

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