Manitoba seeks forfeiture of Hells Angels clubhouse

Manitoba Justice advises a statement of claim filed in the Court of Queen’s Bench seeks forfeiture of the Hells Angels clubhouse to the province and an interim order has allowed the province to immediately seize the property at 2679 Scotia St. and its contents.  
The claim alleges the property was used as a place to plan and carry out criminal activity, making it subject to forfeiture under the Criminal Property Forfeiture Act.  
Under the act, proceeds from unlawful acts and property used in an unlawful act may be forfeited to the government by order of the court.  Along with real estate, items such as cash and vehicles can be forfeited.  
Proceeds from the sale of forfeited property are placed in a fund to support activities such as: 
– compensating victims of the unlawful activity;
– remedying the effects of the unlawful activity; 
– promoting safer communities by funding programs that reduce or prevent crime or enhance the practices and training of law enforcement agencies; and 
– covering the costs of bringing the court application and seizing, managing and selling property ordered forfeited by a court.
Property ordered forfeited by a court can be sold, donated or destroyed.  Protection for innocent third parties who have legitimate interests in a property is built into the legislation.
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