Arvind Kumar Sanmugam of Toronto charged with defrauding seniors

The Toronto Police Service is seeking the public’s assistance with a fraud investigation.

It is alleged that:

– the accused portrays himself as an international businessman and venture capitalist,

– he used an online dating service to meet some of his victims and has targeted single women and senior citizens,

– the investigation was initiated when a widowed senior from Vancouver complained she was bilked of her life savings, forced to sell her home and live in a rented apartment,

– police located two women claiming to be engaged to Mr. Sanmugam. The parents of these women have also been identified as victims.

He is known to travel across Canada, including Halifax, Montreal, and the Vancouver area.

There are currently six known victims and a total of approximately $1.5 million in losses.

Police believe there may be more victims.

Arrested is Arvind Kumar Sanmugam, 49, of Toronto.

He is charged with:

1- Two counts of Fraud Over,
2- Fail to comply,
3- Revocation of Bail,
4- Criminal Breach of Trust.

He is scheduled to appear in court at College Park on Monday, September 13, 2010, in the afternoon.

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  1. Arvind Sanmugam is very sneaky. He could fool anyone even the authorities. Please don’t be fooled. I met this man and he is very convincing. Women are so easily fooled. Believe me. This is sad if he does not learn from his mistakes

  2. Burnice is correct. I knew this man for a number of years and not all of his lies have been uncovered. I feel very sorry for all the women who became involved with this many for more reasons than a broken heart. It was not just older women or women with low self esteem that fell for his lies. He knew what to say and how to say it.. he would say anything and everything he knew you would want to hear so he could gain his way into your trust. The problem with Arvind is that he honestly believes he dcomment_ID nothing wrong. He has no concience therfor no guilt. He has taken life savings from many women and put so many of them in debt. Women who could hardly pay their bills as it was would loan him money or buy into one of his fake schemes in hopes to get out of the financial hole they were in. Sadly, we will never see this money returned to us. He used it for himself, not caring how he was hurting the ones he took it from.

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