Canada Post Lists Postal Codes to Deprive of Mail Delivery

Canada Post’s big step of installing community mailboxes in the country’s urban areas have finally reached its first phase of implementation on Thursday when it listed several areas including Fort McMurray, Oakville, Ont., and parts of Calgary, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Halifax that will be converted this fall. The company announced that 11 communities will be first to get affected by its nation-wide drive to phase-out door-to-door home delivery within five years.

According to the statistics, the first phase will affect more than 96,600 homes and 3,480 businesses in all 11 communities which are mostly located next to areas that are already using community mailboxes. However, Canada Post failed to explain how it will effectively squeeze sufficient super mailboxes in the already cluttered streets of densely populated areas. One of the areas to be affected in first installment, the Trinity-Spadina downtown district in Toronto, has population density of 10 thousand people per square kilometre.

Mayor of one of the biggest area where the shift will take place this fall, Oakville, uttered extremely skeptical remarks while commenting on Canada Post. Mayor Rob Burton casted serious doubts that Canada Post will be to convert 26,400 addresses by the fall as he estimated that the 500 new community mailboxes would need to be installed. He alleged that “so between now and apparently October, when they say they are going to have all of this done, they’re going to locate, consult, build and serve 500 new community mailboxes … Do you believe that the federal government is capable of such efficiency?”

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