Doug Ford Refutes Plans to Run for Provincial Seat

Toronto councilor and brother of Toronto’s notorious Mayor Rob Ford, Doug Ford, has mentioned in a recent statement that he has decided not to run for a provincial seat in the next Ontario election. The councilor, who represents Ward 2 seat at City Hall, had previously mentioned that he might not run for re-election as he was “leaning” towards running provincially.

However, Mr. Ford recently mentioned on Thursday that his loyalty lies with his brother Mayor Rob Ford who is running a mayoral re-election campaign headed by him. Ford stated that “I’d love to, but you have to put other things ahead sometimes.” Previously, Councillor Ford mentioned last month that he was “leaning” toward running for a seat in the provincial legislature and that he has the backing of Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak. However, it was later revealed that several PC insiders were having second thoughts about the decision as they feared that Mr. Ford would be a difficult candidate because of his outspoken nature and the drug scandals surrounding his brother.

Mr. Hudak earlier seemed annoyed over the fact that he was often questioned about the Ford brothers at several occasions and interaction with media rather than his his agenda. Mr. Hudak had also previously mentioned last year that he would be “thrilled” to have Doug Ford run as a candidate but his tone changed when discussing the matter since Mayor Ford’s drug scandal came to light in May.

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