Retired teacher Michael Grant Slater charged with 1969 sexual assault

The Ottawa Police Service Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Section has charged a Renfrew man with one count of Indecent Assault on a male and one count of Gross Indecency, as a result of incidents that occurred in 1968 and 1969 at the Elizabeth Park Intermediate School located in Ottawa.

The charges resulted from an Ottawa Police investigation into a historical complaint of inappropriate sexual activity that occurred between a 13-year old student and a male teacher at the school.

Michael Grant SLATER, age 70, of Renfrew was arrested on October 6th, 2010. He will appear in court on Thursday, October 7th.

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  1. I am not surprised. I was in his Grade 8 class. The grade 8 class always had an end of year trip to Pine Rcomment_IDge. God knows what went on in his cabin late at night. I made sure to stay the hell away from him. He was always creepy and inappropriate.

  2. i say bull to that too. he taught good morels and scruples, to stand up for ourselves and the value of being a good responsible person.

  3. Mike Slater was the most wackiest teacher I ever had, but was the best. He taught you disappline, and respect. I never heard of any of my fellow classmates saying anything about him acting in a inappropriate way EVER!
    This is a good man we are talking about here, and the person who is dragging his good name through the mud should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Well I can tell you it dcomment_ID happen because he dcomment_ID it to me. Yesterday I received a notice from the court that another boy has come forward and Mike Slater was charged with additional sexual assaults.

  5. I attended Princess Elizabeth school at Uplands, and even as a disciplinarian, Mr. Slater was an excellent teacher with my English class.
    He helped to prepare me for future University classes, for which I now have a University degree.
    He never bothered me, except to strive for excellence with my strengths.
    I feel sorry for an old man, my old teacher, who was good and taught me well.
    Mike, Mr. Slater, thank you.

  6. I Had Slater as a grade 8 teacher i even hung out at his house. I also went to pinercomment_IDge at the end of the year. I can tell you that this sort of stuff really went on. All you people that feel sorry for him DON’T. I am sure that this will be proven in a court of law

  7. I was a victim of Michael Slater’s at Elizabeth Park School in Uplands in 1979/1980. I am gleeful that he finally got what was coming to him, although I do not think that the punishment is even nearly adequate. I also heard a lot more stories from students in his 1978/1979 class. I wish I could name names, but of course I cannot on this forum. He tormented me for months; I applaud those courageous enough to have come forward. He is a despicable man, no matter how chummy and “cool” he tried to be to his favourite students.

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