Retired teacher Michael Grant Slater charged with 1969 sexual assault

The Ottawa Police Service Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Section has charged a Renfrew man with one count of Indecent Assault on a male and one count of Gross Indecency, as a result of incidents that occurred in 1968 and 1969 at the Elizabeth Park Intermediate School located in Ottawa.

The charges resulted from an Ottawa Police investigation into a historical complaint of inappropriate sexual activity that occurred between a 13-year old student and a male teacher at the school.

Michael Grant SLATER, age 70, of Renfrew was arrested on October 6th, 2010. He will appear in court on Thursday, October 7th.


  1. I am not surprised. I was in his Grade 8 class. The grade 8 class always had an end of year trip to Pine Rcomment_IDge. God knows what went on in his cabin late at night. I made sure to stay the hell away from him. He was always creepy and inappropriate.

  2. i say bull to that too. he taught good morels and scruples, to stand up for ourselves and the value of being a good responsible person.

  3. Mike Slater was the most wackiest teacher I ever had, but was the best. He taught you disappline, and respect. I never heard of any of my fellow classmates saying anything about him acting in a inappropriate way EVER!
    This is a good man we are talking about here, and the person who is dragging his good name through the mud should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Well I can tell you it dcomment_ID happen because he dcomment_ID it to me. Yesterday I received a notice from the court that another boy has come forward and Mike Slater was charged with additional sexual assaults.

  5. I attended Princess Elizabeth school at Uplands, and even as a disciplinarian, Mr. Slater was an excellent teacher with my English class.
    He helped to prepare me for future University classes, for which I now have a University degree.
    He never bothered me, except to strive for excellence with my strengths.
    I feel sorry for an old man, my old teacher, who was good and taught me well.
    Mike, Mr. Slater, thank you.

  6. I Had Slater as a grade 8 teacher i even hung out at his house. I also went to pinercomment_IDge at the end of the year. I can tell you that this sort of stuff really went on. All you people that feel sorry for him DON’T. I am sure that this will be proven in a court of law

  7. I was a victim of Michael Slater’s at Elizabeth Park School in Uplands in 1979/1980. I am gleeful that he finally got what was coming to him, although I do not think that the punishment is even nearly adequate. I also heard a lot more stories from students in his 1978/1979 class. I wish I could name names, but of course I cannot on this forum. He tormented me for months; I applaud those courageous enough to have come forward. He is a despicable man, no matter how chummy and “cool” he tried to be to his favourite students.

  8. Very late on commenting on this – but I was in Mr. Slater’s 78/79 class and just about drove off the road when I heard on the radio that he’d been charged and convicted of this in 2014. I was one of the top students that year and thought then and years later that he was one of the best teachers I’d ever had… and actually saw more questionable, primarily assaultive, actions by other teachers there then. However, I do recall one Friday at the end of the day when he was driving away (in the car he called “Betsy”) with a fellow grade 8 student who, in hindsight, had a family situation that made him susceptible to ‘grooming’. Mr. Slater’s wife was out of town, iirc, and the student spent at least that Friday night at his home. After the weekend, I asked the student what they’d done, and he said they drank alcohol (brandy, i think) and smoked cigars.  I’m sure he wouldn’t have told me if something even more inappropriate happened… but even so, what kind of grown man (let alone a teacher) drinks and smokes with a 13 year old boy at his home alone? Tragic in every sense, especially because he was otherwise a great teacher.

  9.  I was one of his students at the school in Upland’s. I was also one of his victims. I just found out yesterday that he had been arrested, charged and found guilty. Yesterday was April 1, 2019. The scum bag is going back to jail. I hated him for what he did to me. He destroyed my life. 

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