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Is Russia Deliberately Provoking the West?   During the spring of 2014, much of the world's attention was drawn to the crisis in Ukraine. While news of the conflict has been relegated to the back pages of the mainstream media, the situation  over the past six months is far from "peaceful" and far from "routine".

Ukraine is on the brink of committing economic suicide after imposing a crippling 55 percent tax on private gas producers, while parliament prepares to vote on next year's budget, which aims for a continuation of the same.

The Oct. 14 budget vote—which is already a month late—is a major

Victims of Nazi Euthanasia Get Memorial   Glass monument in Berlin honors 250,000 disabled euthanized by Nazis

By Stephen Pate – A 80 ft. blue glass wall has been opened in front of the Berlin Philharmonie on the site housing the Nazi euthanasia offices.

This completes a series of memorials to

Scotland's Oil and Natural Gas   While most people outside of the oil industry tend to think of the Middle East when they think of the world's oil producing nations, in fact, Scotland is a significant producer of both oil and natural gas.  Scotland is the largest producer of oil in the European Union, producing 674 million
Democracy Ukrainian Style   Now that Ukraine is defending itself against a possible Russian incursion, now is a good time to take a look at how Ukraine's Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada or as it is commonly known, the Rada, functions.  This is particularly pertinent given that President Petro Poroshenko dissolved the

Ukraine's next crisis will be a devastatingly economic one, as violent conflict destroys critical infrastructure in the east and brings key industry to a halt, furthering weakening the energy sector by crippling coal-based electricity production.

The Ukrainian military's showdown with separatists

Ukraine doesn't need Russia to take it down-Kiev is doing fine destroying itself, most recently with a new tax code that doubles taxes for private gas producers and promises to irreparably cripple new investment in the energy sector at a time when reform and outside investment were the country's

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