Detainee says 500 arrested during Sunday demonstrations in Tehran

A released detainee has told opposition website Kaleme, that around 500 protesters were arrested in Tehran during pro-opposition demonstrations on Sunday.
According to the source, most of the detainees had been arrested in Azadi square and on the main avenue which leads to the square. Many were released in the final hours of Sunday and the early hours of Monday morning.
The witness, who was held in Fateb police station which lies close to Enghelab square, told Kaleme that protesters were attacked by security forces while being arrested, and detainees who got “lippy” with the officials, were severely beaten up. According to the witness, the mobile phones of the protesters were also confiscated, and were told they could reclaim their phone after the New Iranian Year (21 March 2011).
A worker who was also released from the same police station said “These people themselves didn’t believe in anyone either, they insulted everyone, I heard with my own ears that they even insulted Imam [Khomeini].”
He added that some of the prisoners were taken to the security police’s headquarters on grounds such as having previous record of arrest. The worker also said that he did not see any women being held at this particular detention centre.

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