Dividends of peace are enormous, Imran Khan

The chairman of the uprising political party, Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf Imran Khan said that the dividend returns to both countries, Pakistan and India, in case of peace are enormous and encouraged that the governments of both the countries should work together to reduce the trust deficit and maintain peace and harmony in the region.

Khan expressed his opinion on the trust deficit between Pakistan and India and said that there is need for strong leadership in both the countries to ensure that there is peace in the region. He also said that he will take the initiative to resolve Kashmir issue at the earliest as it is one of his top priorities once he comes to power and that can only be done once there is peace in the region and that both countries share a feeling of trust. He said that now is the time to forget and forgive each other for old grievances and move on with a friendly relation so that both the countries gain mutual benefit and trade and economy flourishes.

Khan also said that once he gains power, he will extend a hand of friendship to the neighboring country so that the feelings of hatred end for good and both the countries move towards mutually benefitting each other.
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