Badminton: Hong Kong Open 2012: Watch live online streaming

The 2012 Hong Kong Open will be started on Tuesday 20th November 2012, at Hong Kong Coliseum
Hong Kong, China.

The 6-day of action packed “Yonex-Sunrise Hong Kong Open 2012”event, which recognized by the Badminton World Federation (BWF), will be organized by Hong Kong Badminton Association Limited between 20 and 25 November, at the Hong Kong Coliseum stadium.This event is subsidized by Yonex-Sunrise .  It is one of the BWF’s Superseries proceedings with a grand prize of USD 350k.

This is an yearly major international event in China and  one of the tournaments in the OSIM BWF SuperSeries circuit, which will be one of the concluding premier badminton tournament of this year. It will br enjoyed by everyone and likely to be the dramatic and speedy actions of the international badminton players.

This game is going to elevate the most amazing force, oomph and carve up run that everyone would be love to foretaste.

Today the Qualification round will be played while the main tournament will be started from tomorrow.

In 2011 Women’s singles was succeed by Xin Wang of China while Men’s singles was won by Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia.

In 2011 Women’s doubles was won by Xiaoli Wang – Yang (F) Yu of China while Men’s doubles was won by ae Sung Jung – Yong Dae Lee of Korea. However, Mixed doubles was won by Joachim Fischer Nielsen – Christinna Pedersen of Denmark.

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