Sudirman Cup 2013: Day 6 Watch live online streaming

On day 5 of Li-Ning BWF Sudirman Cup, China’s women rose to the occasion delivering a quarter-final victory  3-2 scoreline in the fifth match, thanks to the unstoppable combination of Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli – was a wake-up call for the defending champions who were previously remain undefeated during this year’s tournament.

In the other Level 1 quarter-final, Korea dramatically battled Germany with 3-0 in quick time. In Level 3 Group A, the Philippines defeated Turkey 3-2, while Ukraine beat New Zealand 5-0. The Netherlands held off France 4-1 in Level 2 Group B.

Thailand scripted a stunning upset of Japan in the quarter-finals and won comfortably with 3-1. They were joined in the semi-finals by Denmark, who overcame Chinese Taipei 3-0 with little trouble. In Level 3 Group B, Australia beat Kazakhstan 5-0 to finish second in the group, while Vietnam beat Switzerland 3-2 to top the group with four wins in four matches. Canada beat Austria 4-1 to finish third out of four teams in Level 2 Group B.

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