Soccer News & Notes, November 25, 2010

Qatar World Cup could grow Middle East football by $24B
Submitted by bernardopd on Thu, 25/11/2010

A study by global advisors Grant Thornton, commissioned by the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup bid, has revealed that football in Middle East would grow by $24 billion if the tournament is held in the country.

A 52-per-cent growth ($14 billion) would be seen by 2022, with a further 46-per-cent increase ($10 billion) 20 years later.

"The passion for football in the Middle East and the enthusiastic support for Qatar’s Bid to host the FIFA World Cup in the region for the first time is evident wherever one travels in the Middle East," said Grant Thornton director Grant Salter.

"Grant Thornton’s report helps to quantify the significant commercial and football development opportunities for FIFA and football if the Middle East has the historic opportunity to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022," added Qatar 2022 CEO Hassan Al Thawadi.

Attendances across the region would be expected to increase by 13.4 per cent in 2022 (excluding World Cup games), an additional 4.2 million spectators.

Qatar’s central location would allow 82 per cent of the world’s time zones to watch World Cup games at prime time, with a potential match day peak audience of 3.2 billion viewers.


South America confirms vote for Iberian bid
Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Confederacion Sudamericana de Futbol (Conmebol), South America’s football governing body, has pledged support to the Portugal/Spain bid for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The three South American members at FIFA’s executive committee were already expected to vote for the Iberian candidacy, with bid chief Miguel Angel Lopez this week calling Latin America "our natural territory".

The meeting, held at CONMEBOL’s headquarters in Asuncion, Paraguay, did not discuss support for a country in the 2022 World Cup election.

Aside from the South American support, Lopez claimed his bid had secured a further five votes including Spain’s Angel Maria Villar Lona.

Source: SoccerEx Business Daily

Iberian World Cup bid claims eight votes in the bag
Submitted by bernardopd on Wed, 24/11/2010

The head of the Portugal/Spain bid for the 2018 FIFA World Cup has claimed the candidacy already has "more or less" eight of the 22 votes in next week’s election.

Miguel Angel Lopez told news agency Bloomberg he believes FIFA’s executive committee members have already decided their votes. "All the fish is sold," he said.
The Spaniard also revealed he is not expecting European members, aside from Angel Maria Villar Llona, to vote for his bid. "They haven’t given us any indication they will," he added.

He said support is more likely to come from Asia and Latin America, the latter being called "our natural territory" by him.

Earlier this month FIFA cleared the Iberian 2018 bid and the Qatar 2022 candidacy of colluding in the two elections taking place on December 2.


South Korea 2022 "could benefit from artillery exchange"
Submitted by bernardopd on Wed, 24/11/2010

The South Korea bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup believes the exchange of artillery shell with the North yesterday could draw attention to the need for bringing the two countries "closer together."

The bid uses the motto "Passion that unites" and one of its proposals is to stage World Cup games in North Korea.

"I don’t think this incident will make a negative impact on our bid," said South Korea bid team member Hyo Jin Ahn at the Soccerex Global Convention in Rio de Janeiro. "But it does show the need for peace and anything which can help bring this about, so this [incident] may possibly have a positive outcome."

"We are not trying to make money out of hosting the World Cup, we are trying to unite people and bring peace to the peninsula."


TV documentary to chart English Premier League revolution
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A television documentary on the formation of the English Premier League is nearing completion and due to air in early 2011. Delegates at the Soccerex International Convention in Rio de Janeiro, were given a taster of the film, ‘The Night That Changed Football’, by David Dein, former deputy chairman of Arsenal and one of the architects of the Premier League.

The film, made by a company run by Greg Dyke – the British television guru who, as head of ITV, had a major role in the story – unites many of the leading figures involved in the revolutionary move.

Led by the five leading clubs, the creation of the Premier League closed a bleak chapter for the sport in England. Faced with falling attendance, only one overseas TV deal and a background of violence and crowd issues which cumulated with the Hillsborough and Heysel disasters and had seen English clubs banned from European competition, the Premier League ushered in a new era.

Today the Premier League plays to an average 92 per cent stadium capacity, has TV distribution in more than 200 countries and boasts some of the world’s best and most modern football stadia.

Source: SoccerEx Business Daily

CONCACAF President Jack Warner aims broadside at Panorama
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FIFA Executive Committee member Jack Warner has accused the BBC’s Panorama documentary of deliberately undermining England’s bid for the 2018 World Cup.

The current affairs show is set to air a critical report on FIFA, which will include profiteering allegations against the president of CONCACAF, next Monday, three days before the FIFA vote. Warner said the programme is simply "rehashing" allegations against him and the world governing body.

In an e-mail correspondence with the Press Association on Monday night, Warner said: "It can have no effect on me personally or on anyone else in the FIFA for that matter and, in my personal opinion, it is deliberately designed to negatively impact on England’s chances."

The Daily Telegraph reported that the UK Prime Minister David Cameron telephoned Warner last week to arrange a face-to-face meeting next week in Zurich.

Source: SoccerEx Business Daily

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  1. Chung misleading FIFA

    Papua New Guinea do not recognize Davcomment_ID Chung as prescomment_IDent of their football association. Nor do they also recognize his executive.
    Chung misleading FIFA

  2. No political influence was involved in his removal. Chung was replaced because many things done under his leadership are not right and is a cause for concern over whole of Papua New Guinea. Here are reasons for replacing CHUNG:

  3. 1. Failure to produce the annual administration and financial reports respectively. This leaves Papua New Guinea wondering how the funds etc. received from FIFA and from other donor agencies have been used.

    2. Failure to hold the annual club championships and regional tournaments.

    3. Failure to send the national men football team to the Pacific Games in Tahiti in 2008.

  4. 4. Secretly sold a portion of land belonging to the Papua New Guinea Football Academy in Lae. The Land was sold for 1.2 million kina in PNG currency (USD400,000.00). It is alleged that the OFC prescomment_IDent Reynald Temarii and FIFA representative Glen Turner are believed to be also the beneficiaries.

  5. 5. Involved in the misappropriation of K200,000.00 (USD 66,666.67) for the development of highlands regional football academy to be based in Wabag, Enga Province. The funds were donated by the Governor of Enga towards the project

  6. 6. In collaboration with Temarii and Turner provcomment_IDed false information to mislead FIFA on his election defeat. This was done to keep Chung in office so that the selfish interest of the three men is safe guarded.

  7. 7. Found guilty and convicted by the National Court in Papua New Guinea for contempt of court. He’s currently out on bail waiting for his appeal to be heard by the Supreme Court.

  8. Papua New Guinea applaud the decision of FIFA to suspend Reynald Temarii.

    But the person they want most removed is Davcomment_ID Chung who does not have the mandate to represent them. He is illegally in office and ought to be removed quickly before he chews up all the resources

  9. Temarii and Turner in supporting their crooked friend Chung have done great injustice to Papua New Guinea by denying them of their constitutional and democratic right to choose who they want as prescomment_IDent of their football association.

  10. Papua New Guinea have spoken through the democratic process who they want as prescomment_IDent of their football association and their position stands to this very day.

  11. FIFA will be seen to be doing justice to Papua New Guinea if it now recognizes Fabian Chow as duly elected prescomment_IDent of their football association.

  12. Fabian Chow is the longest serving prescomment_IDent of Port Moresby Soccer Association which is the largest in the country and the leading producer of the country’s representative footballers. He should be accorded the respect he deserves

  13. Like FIFA, Papua New Guinea do want their house free of corruption and the only way to do it is to weed out those who engage in such practice.

    All lovers of soccer in Papua New Guinea are now praying to FIFA to take immediate corrective actions.

    Papua New Guinea Jungle Judicial & Ethic Committee

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