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Friday, September 30, 2016 01:02 PM
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The Truth About These
Photographed By Isa Wipfli.  
Surprising no one, psychiatry is lagging behind reality: According to a new study published in The Journal of Sex Research, several sexual desires that psychiatrists classify as "paraphilic," or abnormal, are, in fact,
What Your Political Views Say About Your Love Life
Illustrated By Lauren Perlstein.
  The online dating service Match has just released the results of its sixth annual Singles in America study, and with the presidential election rapidly approaching, researchers zeroed in on how politics and dating collide.

Guess Which American State Is Having The Safest Sex?
Photo: Mint Images/Rex/REX USA.
  "Freedom and Unity" certainly has a pleasant ring to it, but should Vermont care to update its state motto, "No glove, no love" will do in a pinch.

The state has ranked first in Trojan's first
Miley Cyrus Is
Photo: David Fisher/REX Shutterstock.

Miley Cyrus' cover story in Paper this week is many things — colorful, revealing (emotionally and otherwise), quirky. It's also reflective of an approach to sexuality that is gathering momentum among Cyrus' fellow

What Happens When You Try To Have More Sex
Photographed By Lauren Perlstein.
  Conventional wisdom holds that more sex equals more happiness, but a new study out of Carnegie Mellon (published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization) suggests that this belief isn't
Ghomeshi Reveals Sexual Harassment Prevalent at CBC   Did Ghomeshi’s star status allow him to skirt the sexual harassment policies at CBC or is it still the old boy’s club?

By Stephen Pate – Jian Ghomeshi’s firing by the CBC and his open statements about “rough sex” are titillating news.


Yonic Symbolism: intentional or not   This all started back on April 2, 2014 when I posted "Phallic Symbolism: intentional or not". Being an equal opportunity type of guy, I couldn't leave the ladies out of the fun. But first, I had to find out the female equivalent of phallic.

Wikipedia: Yoni
Yoni (Sanskrit:

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