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Apple Could Sell 15 Million iPhone 6’s By Weekend   Meanwhile Microsoft can’t get its marketing act in gear on Windows Phone

By Stephen Pate – Apple is hitting all the right buttons with its roll-out of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. We know the hot button features, the price, when and where to pre-order and the delivery date.

iTunes 11.4 Available   Within hours of the iPhone 6 announcement, Apple released iTunes 11.4 supporting the new devices and IOS 8

By Stephen Pate – iTunes gets an update that includes support for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus along with iOS 8 support.

Both the OS X and Windows clients are available

Introducing iPhone 6   Underwhelmed by the iPhone 6? So were these guys and the stock market. The stock dropped $1.12 today.

Underwhelmed by the iPhone 6? So were these guys and the stock market. The stock dropped $1.12 today.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

We’ve Been Punked By Apple’s iPhone 6   Apple controls the media including bloggers to make us believe their products are magical, legendary and revolutionary even when they are not

By Stephen Pate – Are you excited about the new 4.7&Prime and 5.5&Prime iPhone 6?  Wow! They will be as big as a

Amazon Offers Trade-Ins Ahead of iPhone 6 Launch   Millions of iPhone owners are expected to trade-up with hours or days of the IPhone 6 launch on September 9

By Stephen Pate – Amazon.com is offering consumers an immediate trade-in quotation for their iPhone 5 and 4 smartphones ahead of the September 9th expected launch of the

Samsung Tab S vs iPad Air But Really!   Samsung’s new ad disses the iPad Air but it does not hold up to scrutiny

By Stephen Pate – Samsung has used funny ads to poke holes in the Apple mystique like the Galaxy vs. iPhone ads from June 2013. Those ads must work to some extent because Samsung is running away with

Rumor Microsoft Will Remove Desktop From RT   Merging the Windows RT and Windows Phone operating systems will create a touch only world on tablets and smartphones

By Stephen Pate – Windows 9 codenamed Threshold will merge the operating system for all small screen devices to something that works like Windows Phone 8.1. Or so say

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