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Here’s a quick way to learn the Charms feature in Windows 8.1 Update 1

By Stephen Pate – Windows 8 Charms is a powerful, but sometimes confusing, central place for printing, sharing, searching and changing your computer settings.

Windows 7 and XP users often want to

Interactive live tiles on Windows Next bridge gap between Start Screen and Desktop

By Stephen Pate – So far Windows 8.1 just looks like a pretty face without any real improved features.  Windows Next with  Interactive Live Tiles may take computing to a whole new level,

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Has More Customization   Watch the video and learn how to customize your computer or tablet with Windows 8.1 Update 1

By Stephen Pate – It has taken time but Windows 8.1 is finally smooth and easy to use. And with Update 1, users can quickly navigate with a mouse and keyboard again.


Up to $50 discounts are available from Best Buy Staples and Future Shop on the iPad Air

By Stephen Pate – Three weeks ago the first of a series of rolling discounts appeared for the iPad Air. The last time we saw Apple iPad Air discounts was during the battle for Christmas sales.

Window 8.1 Update 1 What’s To Like   Windows 8.1 Update 1 is faster, more stable  and flexible – available April 8, 2014

By Stephen Pate – Update 1 to Windows 8.1 is a pleasant surprise with quick as lightning Internet Explorer 11 responsiveness. Update 1 also brings user refinements that will make life

Apple Microsoft Google Fail Mobile Site Test   Ever wonder if the big boys are designing their webpages for your smartphone?

By Stephen Pate – I wanted to see if the big boys in mobile had webpages designed for smartphones. The simple answer is no.  That probably explains why 86% of smartphone users stick to apps and not

  Internet Explorer 11 is a mess that crashes, is slow and incompatible with many websites

By Stephen Pate – Microsoft is readying a new update of Windows 8.1. Many users are hoping against hope Microsoft can stabilize Internet Explorer 11.

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