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Sharing in Edge Windows 10 Does Not Work   Two years later Microsoft has not fixed the simple task of social media sharing

By Stephen Pate – After years of development, Microsoft still has not corrected the bug in the browser that allows you to share pages on Twitter.

When I tried to tweet a story on the Ghomeshi

Your Internet Service Provider Is Spying On You   BitTorrent downloads get new copyright infringement notices

Canadian internet consumers who illegally download movies, TV shows and music are getting official notices to cease and desist from the copyright owners. ISP’s such as Bell are providing subscriber email addresses within

We've Finally Hit Peak iPhone
Photographed By Rockie Nolan.
Apple announced its first quarter sales numbers today, and it's official: We've hit peak iPhone.

The holiday quarter is always Apple's (and most retail companies') biggest money making period of the year. 2015 was no
Should You Upgrade Your Phone to Windows 10 Mobile?   Windows 10 Mobile is not a competitive phone operating system and the future does not look promising.

By Stephen Pate – The long-awaited upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to ship within the next two weeks.

Renamed Windows 10 Mobile this is a complete rewrite of

Microsoft Censors Store Reviews
Can you trust the reviews on the Microsoft Store?

Stephen Pate –  Microsoft may not allow you to express your real opinion about the products sold on the Microsoft Store.

As long as Microsoft censors their user reviews, I take them as public relations

Microsoft Putting The Brakes On Store Returns   Returns at the Microsoft Store Take Personal Contact With Store Staff

By Stephen Pate – Returns at the Microsoft Store are taking an unusually long time during Boxing Week Sales.

There is no line-up at the counter for the online store but it can take more than half an hour

How To Use Surface Pro 4 As A Sheet Music Reader
The Surface Pro 4 suffers from the “app gap” with no sheet music reader software

By Stephen Pate – The Surface Pro 4 is a newer and slightly larger version of the Surface Pro 3 discussed in Surface Pro 3 Full Sheet Music Reader.

The Surface Pro 4 has

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