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How To Get Free Windows 10 Upgrade Now   If waiting for the Windows 10 upgrade invitation is too slow, you can download the upgrade now

By Stephen Pate – As of yesterday 67 million computers were upgraded to Windows 10.  That is a higher upgrade rate than Microsoft or Apple ever achieved before.


Canada has given oil sands a dirty reputation, but a breakthrough, commercially viable technology has caught the eye of a former Exxon Mobil president who is putting it to use to clean up Utah's billions of barrels of oil sands.

Imagine extracting high-quality oil out of the estimated 32
Windows 10 Blurs The Difference Between PC’s Tablets and Smartphones

Windows 10 Continuum allows you to use a computer like a tablet and add a keyboard or mouse to a tablet and smartphone

The ultimate operating system may be arriving with Windows 10 on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 with Continuum is the same operating system across all

Microsoft Video Promotes Windows 10 Free Apps   10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10: Groove Music, Maps, Video, Calendar and more

Windows 10 comes with new versions of the built-in Photos, Music or Groove, Maps, Movies and TV.

Microsoft is betting users will like the new versions when Windows 10 ships on July 29,

If You Use AT&T, This Might Be Why Your Phone's Been Slow
Photographed by Mark Iantosca.

Does it seem like it takes forever to play a simple YouTube video on your phone? Well, it's not just you being impatient: Carriers like AT&T have been deliberately slowing your connection speed. And now, the F.C.C. is cracking down on the

Although some US oil companies are struggling with low oil prices, a new wave of innovation is hitting the oil patch, allowing for a significant reduction in drilling costs.

A variety of different improvements in production are starting to show up at all levels across the industry from small

As the capabilities of the Internet continue to develop, industries become more and more affected by the Internet. There are some industries that are embracing the Internet more than others one in particular, being the gambling and casino industry. On a global scale, online gaming has

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