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What Can You Do to Stop Microsoft Spam Emails   A few tips for Windows Live and Hotmail email users to stop spam, scams and hacking

By Stephen Pate – Microsoft claims that it stops 10 million scam, spam and phishing emails a minute.

It’s not enough. I get up to 10 emails a day from people  who

Twitter Opened Porn Floodgate   Except on iPhone or iPad, Twitter is drowning in porn pics and ads today

By Stephen Pate – I was surprised this morning while browsing Twitter to find story after story with soft and hard-core porn pictures, along with sleazy dating sites.

What’s with that?


Has Apple's iPad Peaked?With the announcement of the sixth iteration of the iPad (if we exclude the iPad mini as a separate product - it's now entering its third iteration), I wanted to take a look back at the history of iPad sales and how they look on a quarter-over-quarter growth basis.  First, a disclaimer.
CBC Will Compete Head To Head With Bloggers   The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. does a course correction trying to clone its reporters as bloggers

By Stephen Pate – CBC brass have sent the word down from HQ. CBC News is will be all digital web and twitter. Reporters will be cloned as bloggers to compete online.

7 Things To Know About Windows 10   Windows 10 is coming next year – here are the quick facts

By Stephen Pate – Microsoft is skipping Windows 9 and hoping we will jump to Windows 10 when it ships later in 2015.

The various versions of Windows power 90% of all desktops in the world, according to Net

Microsoft Announces Windows 10   Windows 10 Technical Preview will be available Oct. 1st

By Stephen Pate – Microsoft jumped a version number and announced Windows 10 today in San Francisco.

A technical preview will be available tomorrow for technical users  and people who like to tinker.

The Windows

Why I Switched From Surface 2 to iPad Air   Microsoft does not have the features that musicians and music lovers want on the Surface or Windows Phone

By Stephen Pate – Microsoft does not make smart phones and tablets that appeal to musicians and music lovers. Period.

Microsoft could fix a big part of

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