Domestic Violence isn’t Criminal Activity, Candice Hoeppner

Conservative Party MP Candice Hoeppner went on CBC radio this morning and said,

"…the only defence of [the gun registry] is domestic violence and suicide cases. Nobody is even saying it stops crime anymore. It doesn’t have to do with [stopping criminal activity], it has to do with domestic violence…" ( @ 4:40-5:30)

Jawdropping. This woman had the guts to tell the entire nation that victims of domestic violence aren’t actually victims of crime. I am fairly sure that the women and children in shelters would disagree. Hoeppner has perpetuated the patriarchal notion that it’s okay for a man to abuse his family. How utterly 19th century of her. I wrote her an email, challenging her to go to a shelter for abused women and repeat that statement.
This just goes to further illustrate how anti-women the Harper government is; women aren’t even crime victims according to them. The gun registry saves lives. Cops know it, domestic violence victims know it, but the Conservatives are ignoring all that to pander to their base.
Write Candice and tell her what you think of her statements at

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