Komposit 2010: neoDesi Culture

2010 – The dawning of neoDesi culture. Last year Komposit Entertainment travelled the globe and saw a shift in the attitude of young South Asians. They now share a common desire: to bring class, sophistication and a progressive edge to the Desi identity. 
Komposit coined the term ‘neoDesi’ to define the new direction of the fusion lifestyle. The days when to be a ‘modern’ Desi meant you only rock out to bhangra and hip-hop are gone. The electro-pop vibe of Imran Khan and The Bilz & Kashif is just as cultured as Sukhshinder Shinda and it’s just as hot at the club as T-Pain. That’s neoDesi.
The release of My Name is Khan will satisfy our craving for SRK. Knowing that South Asian stories are being endorsed by powerful western brand Fox Searchlight, satisfies our ambitions. That’s neoDesi.
Everyone notices the hot style of a Desi Girl in a Manish Malhotra saree, but every Desi Girl also loves her Christian Louboutin heels. Whether she wears them together or not – she is always fashion forward. That’s neoDesi.
To talk about the neoDesi vibe, you can’t ignore DJ Kayper. She’s just as at home spinning in NYC’s M2(Mansion) or at SXSW in Austin, TX as she is in the London Mela.
Komposit Managing Director, Jay Gatzby, says, “We are taking ownership of our style on every front and it’s more than South Asian. We call it neoDesi. Our neoDesi identity is strong South Asian roots elevated by our Western influences. I listen to Jay Sean because he is a fantastic artist. I support him even more because he is South Asian and he’s opening doors for all of us. Young South Asians now expect South Asian entertainment of mainstream class and quality. If it doesn’t meet those standards – we are not interested. Komposit Entertainment exists to satisfy the high expectations of neoDesi lifestyle.”
In 2009 Komposit proved that South Asians can succeed in mainstream culture outside of stereotypical confines. Jay Sean was the first R&B artist of South Asian heritage with a number one record on the Billboard Top 100. Komposit ran a nationwide campaign to drive support and momentum behind Jay’s North American debut, helping him to make history. Mallika Sherawat was awarded honorary citizenship by the city of Los Angeles. Komposit’s strategic PR campaign helped to create awareness for her mainstream success and extend her global fan base. As pioneering talents in non-traditional fields, effortlessly representing their roots, Jay and Mallika are neoDesi icons.
Last year was just the beginning. Watch Komposit elevate the quality of tours and special events to bring more fun, style and personality as we bring you your favorite talent in 2010. 
Komposit currently represents:
·        Jay Sean (Promotions and PR only)
·        Mallika Sherawat
·        DJ Kayper
·        Imran Khan
·        H-Dhami
·        The Bilz & Kashif
·        Raghav
·        Bombay Rockers

Komposit Entertainment
New York, NY
Contact: Rohan Sheth, rohan@kompositlive.com, 412.427.2783

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  1. “Knowing that South Asian stories are being endorsed by powerful western brand Fox Searchlight, satisfies our ambitions. That’s neoDesi.”

    We need Fox to endorse a movie for…. legitimacy? Uhm. The only reason Fox Searchlight got into the game in the first place was because Indian movies were making money overseas already.

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